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Microsoft picked as best Cloud Storage Provider


om Murphy Microsoft Picked as Best, #ncryptedcloud developing fro SkyDrive now#dropbox available now at Who’s the best cloud storage provider? Microsoft, says Nasuni; but… So here’s an interesting tidbit. Nasuni, which manages cloud storage for small and midsized businesses, ran a set of exhaustive tests to assess the performance, availability and scalability of five major cloud storage providers. This is why we are developing for Skydrive now that our Dropbox product is available.

Containment is NOT an Issue


Heard this quote today from one of our Enterprise prospects about BYOD BYOC (Bring your own Cloud) and Dropbox in particular. We have talked to companies that say “We block Dropbox” and we spend a considerable amount of time telling them “Why nCrypted Cloud makes Dropbox better” Some of them get it but the call we had today was refreshing, they got it from the start. We did not have to explain “Why we make Dropbox better” They told us, we want to let a subset of our 10,000 users use Dropbox but we need something better and we think… Read more ›

What is Privacy?


Privacy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Privacy is sometimes related to anonymity, the wish to remain unnoticed or unidentified in the public realm. When something is private to a person, it usually means there is something within them that is considered inherently special or personally sensitive. The degree to which private information is exposed therefore depends on how the public will receive this information, which differs between places and over time. Privacy partially intersects security, including for instance the concepts of appropriate use, as well as protection of information.” I think this says it well.  I want to keep lots of my information… Read more ›

Out of Stealth Mode


We are finally out of stealth mode. Check us out at and use invitation code TM-FRIENDS

On Data Privacy Day, A Glass Half Full and Leadership Lacking on Reforms

By  @BerinSzoka good points about Online Privacy just 2 days after Privacy Day 2013. US Gov made 80% of the requests from Twitter. Mr. Szoka points out “Government has an important role to play in protecting consumer privacy, but its snooping and surveillance are far bigger problems—which have only grown worse. While Washington talks of a new commercial privacy “Bill of Rights,” the real Bill of Rights is in peril.” The 80% statement From the Tweet above is from the Twitter transparency report. The US government made 815 requests for info from Twitter. see  “Twitter’s legal policy manager Jeremy Kessel blogged that,… Read more ›

BYOD Keeps Expanding- IT Just Has To Deal With It


Excellent discussion as there are different points of view on this. Having said that, I think the author, Taylor Armerding does a great job of getting multiple points of view and the headline says it all. The BYOD movement (Tsunami?) is NOT going away, it will keep growing and IT will have to deal with it. Sensitive information DOES need to be protected and technology companies will rise up to the occasion. nCrypted Cloud is one of those companies. We help not only the Enterprise but also the Consumer protect their data in the cloud. We believe in MDP (Mobile Data Protection) and MIM… Read more ›

Employees Are The Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity

By  The two points that this article makes that caught my attention are CSOs acknowledge that workers can be more productive using their own devices, but say they don’t take the proper security precautions and potentially open organizations up to data breaches. Many CSOs say companies make the decision to use a cloud platform without properly weighing all of the risks. Taking the first point first, I think it is a case of people using the best tools that they can and that new and more private tools need to be developed. nCryptedCloud is one of these tools. If the… Read more ›

Our Journey into a Secure Cloud


Welcome to the 1st post in the nCrypted Cloud (NCC)  blog.   I am new to this so this is a learning experience for me. I hope that I can let you know about some of the issues concerning  Privacy,  Security and Collaboration in the cloud in 2013 and how the nCrypted Cloud product will address these issues. The prose contained in this blog will be for everyman (and woman). I will occasionally corral one of the techies here at NCC to go into the details of how something works or why we think our solution is better but in general, we are going to try to keep things simple.… Read more ›