BYOD Keeps Expanding- IT Just Has To Deal With It


1269437_93098115Excellent discussion as there are different points of view on this. Having said that, I think the author, Taylor Armerding does a great job of getting multiple points of view and the headline says it all. The BYOD movement (Tsunami?) is NOT going away, it will keep growing and IT will have to deal with it. Sensitive information DOES need to be protected and technology companies will rise up to the occasion. nCrypted Cloud is one of those companies. We help not only the Enterprise but also the Consumer protect their data in the cloud. We believe in MDP (Mobile Data Protection) and MIM (Mobile Information Management) but not necessarily MDM (Mobile Device Management) at least not in the sense of attempting to turn your iPhone into a  Blackberry (under the company’s control). We believe in separate but equal in terms of Consumer and Enterprise data.