Employees Are The Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity


tumblr_inline_mqekpfCU5e1qz4rgp The two points that this article makes that caught my attention are
  1. CSOs acknowledge that workers can be more productive using their own devices, but say they don’t take the proper security precautions and potentially open organizations up to data breaches.
  2. Many CSOs say companies make the decision to use a cloud platform without properly weighing all of the risks.
Taking the first point first, I think it is a case of people using the best tools that they can and that new and more private tools need to be developed. nCryptedCloud is one of these tools. If the security precautions they are talking about are “Do not put sensitive info in the Cloud” then that is the wrong precaution to be taking. On the second point, IMHO it is a case of CSO’s prohibiting the use of the Cloud for most users and not knowing about new tools like nCryptedCloud to provide better privacy. CSO’s need to be looking at improved Privacy tools like nCrypted Cloud. It is clear that the cloud is more secure than email but nCrypted Cloud is more secure than the “regular” cloud.