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In todays landscape, with the continuum of high profile breach events and NSA revelations, it’s no surprise that IT security budgets are increasing (up 17% in 2013, with 45% of firms planning to increase even further in 2014), but what is all that extra money going towards?

One of the chief complaints from Security and Risk professionals is having to wade through the mass of security companies popping up recently. Protecting company data is already no small task, but combined with not knowing which direction to turn to, sets the stage for disaster. This is why Forrester has created its TechRadar methodology, to help guide S&R professionals in creating a solid plan of action.

In it’s most recent TechRadar report for 2014, Q2, Forrester outlines a small group of technologies that are making a big impact on data security. These companies are part of the ‘data-centric’ model of information assurance, which Forrester calls “Cloud encryption gateways”, because they encrypt sensitive data before it leaves the enterprise network.

One of the key features of these types of solutions is they not only encrypt data before it goes into the cloud, but the enterprise maintains the encryption keys. This is beneficial in the event that a cloud service provider becomes compromised or forced to hand over data as a part of a Department of Justice Subpoena.

Further advantages of these types of solutions is they are cost effective, and often times allow enterprises to take advantage of free storage offerings from vendors like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. When it comes to Business value, the trajectory of Cloud encryption gateways is on the path for “Significant success” with time to wide spread implementation less than a year.

The biggest challenge to these solutions is


“whether or not they can preserve functionality across a broad array of cloud providers”, because “The ability to use desired cloud services while also shielding the enterprise from costs and other liabilities of breaches and regulatory noncompliance is enormous.”

nCrypted Cloud has been featured as one of these “Cloud encryption gateways” because it not only provides industry standard encryption, with unique passwords for every file, but it also supports all of the leading cloud storage providers.

Would you like more information? Feel free to download our white paper on secure collaboration in the enterprise with nCrypted Cloud.