Google Drive latest to leak users’ data


When it comes to new technology improving productivity in the work place, Google Drive (including Google Apps) stands out as one of the best things to happen to businesses everywhere. Not only is it a relatively cheap cloud storage provider, but it also provides an entire suite of office apps that are continually improving. In fact, in my day to day, I hear more about Google Drive and Dropbox than any other technology solution out there. Bucket-200x300 However, there are concrete risks associated with using services like Google Drive and Dropbox to share sensitive organization data. After Google recently announced that it has been leaking data through embedded URLs stored in Google Drive, these security issues associated with the cloud are becoming harder and harder to ignore. The problem seems to be as much of a technical one, as a perspective one. End users need to consider Cloud storage, not as some lofty magic file storage solution in the sky, but for what it really is: remote storage. For example, you might feel less hesitant about storing a work folder on your friend’s computer than you would on “The Cloud”. However, the security implications are the same. Eventually, all cloud storage providers will include their own baked-in security controls, which guarantee data privacy. As of right now, however, the tough task of providing persistent encryption and securing all data at-rest and in-flight in the cloud falls in the hands of third party vendors like nCrypted Cloud. For more information about how you can secure your cloud data, visit nCrypted Cloud to download a free personal version and start sharing securely today.