iCloud hack, nCrypted Cloud ‘Secure Camera’


Earlier this week Apple’s iCloud service suffered what at first appeared to be a security breach, when dozens of naked celebrity pictures were broadcast all over the Internet. imgresApple has since released an official statement, claiming that its cloud service security was not in fact breached, but rather the celebrity’s user names and passwords were accessed in a very targeted attack. For those interested in protecting their personal data (regardless of content) in the cloud, they might be interested to know that nCrypted Cloud has developed a ‘Secure Camera’* feature on its mobile app that automatically encrypts every photo as it is taken with AES-256 bit encryption, before it is uploaded into any cloud storage provider (nCrypted Cloud currently supports Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Egnyte.) Oh, did I mention that it is also free for personal use? So you can rest assured that pic you just upload is safe and protected no matter where it goes!   You can download a copy of the nCrypted Cloud mobile app for iOS in the App Store here, and on Google Play for Android.

*Support for “Secure Camera” has since been dropped as of nCrypted Cloud Pro version