Facebook to Launch Anonymous Open Discussion Groups


picjumbo.com_HNCK0082 It is no doubt that Facebook has become the social networking service that has surpassed all others. Remember Myspace? Facebook’s main competition? Not even Justin Timberlake with all of his rebranding efforts could keep millions of users from switching over to Facebook. As Facebook continues to gain traction, its user base is continuing to expand and become more and more diverse. While once considered a social media platform targeted towards young adults, also referred to as the “Myspace Generation”, Facebook now caters to the general population. Everyone and their mothers have a Facebook profile nowadays. Given the change in user base, it is expected to see a change in behavior as well. While Facebook has diversified, studies have shown that growth does not appear to be accelerating. Which brings us to ask the question: has Facebook popularity peaked? With hopes of drawing in a new user base, Facebook is currently working on developing an anonymous forum that will allow users to post anonymously in open discussion groups. Headed by branch product manager, Josh Miller, this forum will be similar to Secret or Whisper, with anonymity as its top priority. The forum itself, however, may resemble Reddit with its discussion topics and sub-topics. While this is an interesting new pursuit, we all have our qualms about Facebook’s claim to “anonymous” discussion groups and what that means for privacy. Will anonymity really be a priority? Is Facebook secretly using this anonymous discussion group to gain insight into user behavior? How will Facebook deal with the legal issues that come with anonymous discussion groups and the content within? How will Facebook deal with internet trolls if anonymity is a key factor? WE WANT ANSWERS!