nCrypted Cloud Nominated For Best Cloud Security Solution, UP-Start Cloud Awards


up2014 We are thrilled to announce that nCrypted Cloud has been nominated for the Best Cloud Security Solution in UP-Start’s 5th Annual Cloud Awards!

“Enterprise IT is ever changing. Is your cloud strategy and value proposition on par with global industry leaders? What are the top companies doing right? Find out at this year’s UP and fine tune your integrated cloud strategy.” -Cloudcor Cloud Computing Company
nCrypted Cloud enables a model of secure cloud computing that permits IT departments to delegate the responsibility of protecting shared data in the cloud to end users. But with responsibility comes accountability. nCrypted Cloud provides network agnostic, device agnostic, and cloud storage agnostic forensic-level data usage auditing, so IT has centralized visibility and oversight of users’ activity. IT is given a looking glass into where data is going and being used outside the organization, on non-corporate devices and in all major cloud storage environments. Anomalies are easily detected and corrected.

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