Security Tip of the Week!


  ID-100434361 “According to a report by Trusteer, based on a sample of 3 million users collected over a period of 3 months, approximately 45% of the time, users submitted their login information to the phishing site they visited.” Tip #2: Avoid Toxic Websites
  • Look for a “green lock” at the beginning of the website’s URL. This signifies a secure connection with the site.
  • If you are planning on entering personal information make sure there is Https:// at the beginning of the URL. The S in Https:// stands for secure and can keep people from eavesdropping on your information.
  • Some data thieves will try and trick a user by sending them a fake email, this is called “phishing.” If you are emailed a link from someone unknown don’t click it, search for it via a search engine and then click it to verify.