Workplace Collaboration In The Digital World


ID-100204377 Workplace Collaboration There is no denying it, collaboration within the enterprise exists and cannot be ignored. According to a recent Forrester article on collaboration:
  • Today, 97% of information workers regularly communicate or collaborate with others in their company as a part of their day-to-day job
  • 76% say the same when it comes to contact with customers or clients, 64% do so with suppliers, vendors, and partners.
This number may seem meaningless to most, but confidential data gets sent improperly everyday throughout companies. Forrester created a poll of the typical collaboration occurring within the workplace which best illustrates the vastness: 109821_1 This graph clearly shows that information is being shared at all times within an enterprise and, if it is confidential, is not being shared in a proper way. These behaviors can lead to accidental data disclosure and can cause extreme legal issues. Companies that are constantly sharing contracts, personal information, financial information, or anything confidential really need to take a step back and adjust the way they collaborate within the workplace. Already, companies are beginning to feel the backlash of stolen or misplaced data. So what does this keep coming back too? This hot topic issue keeps coming back to establishing a solution to securely share files and collaborate within the workplace without repercussion.  Forrester created a chart of many features offered which is a great visual representation of what kind of security you will be getting from an encrypted cloud service. 109821_6 Secure cloud storage systems are one of the easiest ways to make sure you are complying with the law and protecting your data. It comes with many features to help ensure your company shares securely and collaborates safely. So why be at risk when the solution is out there?     Source: Forrester