Zip first, sync second


land_2.64c541ab65f4     Well at least that’s nCrypted Cloud’s motto. There is really very little reason these days not to encrypt your data. Long gone are the days when encryption techniques would slow down your machine, or cost an arm and a leg. Instead, encryption technology has become both fast and reliable, and will prevent you from becoming an OCR headline. What is the OCR? The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights. They are the ones who police HIPAA violations, handing out fines for repeated offenders. Earlier this month, the OCR announced that it has resolved two outstanding HIPAA violations totaling just shy of $2 million in cash. What was the main culprit? You guessed it, unencrypted mobile devices. Dropbox Links In other related news this week, Sophos security had a bit to say on Dropbox , who disabled old folder links earlier this week to prevent “unintended access” by third parties. Apparently a lot of these links have become available on the web due to people inadvertently pasting them into browser search engines and such.

 “The important thing is to encrypt your files and backups before they are send to the cloud, not that you must use Sophos products to do it (although we sure do like it when you do).”

Luckily, there are a number of secure collaboration technologies out there besides Sophos that help organizations encrypt sensitive data before it goes into a cloud service provider’s data center. The next step of course is to allow users to hang on to their encryption keys and then it is back to business in the cloud for organizations. To learn more about how to secure your data in the cloud, visit for a free personal license. Or contact us for a free trial of our enterprise offering.